Today, my sister kept trying to convince me that the sun is a star. She is 18. FML

Today, I masturbated for the first time with people in the house, apparently I was moaning too loud and my mother came to investigate. As she opened the door I orgasmed and squirted vaginal juice on her shoes. I’m now grounded. FML

I am working in Indonesia, but I am not Indonesian It’s really fantatic that i live in abroad

pregnant at 13 FML i guess ? keepin it tho :) im not a slut

I’m trying to go punk for a while and today I got an iPod as a gift…why don’t ppl get it??? FML

Today, all day I kept dropping my phone in it didn’t crack I thought it was invisible but then I drop it on carpet in in crack tell me how tht happens Fml

Today, on the Rez some were about in Montana I walked in on my boss red fether fucking my wife fly trap and then my boss told me I was fired from the casino and that he took my native pride away…FML…

i keep on plugging in this damn phone charger and everytime i sit down the damn charger comes un-plugged!!! this is getting so damn frustrating FML!!!

Today,my daughter got sent home because she was laughing in the AIDS and HIV unit…….my daughters 5 still don’t know how she got there.

Today, my deaf bus driver played crappy Christmas music and the only girl singing to it is a Jew